Sarah’s Favorite Things – Online

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This blog post is inspired by Oprah – here are a few of my favorite things to waste entirely too much time online.

Art Fido for interesting videos –

I am constantly looking at personal growth and what are my next big goals in life. Those soul searches have led me to Ruth Soukup and the Living Well Spending Less Blog – as well as her Do It Scared Podcast. I have even read her book Unstuffed which outlines how to declutter your life. Ruth’s FREE Holiday Planner is a great tool and you can find it here – I like this guide because it keeps me on budget while Christmas shopping and helps me plan to complete all shopping around the first of December. This way I can enjoy the holiday’s (including my son’s birthday) without stressing about what I am going to get people and what I have remaining to do.

We all have stress in our lives and I want to share with you this great meditation tool. I downloaded the free version of the Calm app and it has quickly become one of my favorites.   Even if I don’t use the guided meditations it has given me the skills to meditate on my own.  Typically, the only quiet time I find in my day is right before bed (which isn’t necessarily the ideal time to meditate) but it seems to help me fall asleep faster or go back to sleep when I wake up worried about something in the middle of the night.

A few of my favorite websites / apps are,, and

Pinterest to research anything from recipes, to Halloween costumes, to party invitations and birthday themes. Give me a theme and I can accomplish a lot using Pinterest.

To create party invitations, I love You can use the app but the app doesn’t have near as many features as the website. This is a great tool for those of us who aren’t pros at Photoshop.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to Mixbook is similar to Shutterfly and Snapfish among other photobook, calendar, and card websites. But where it differs is it is completely customizable. It is probably the architect in me that wants more flexibility and control in my designs and that is why I give Mixbook my personal favorite status. I make calendars for my family every year at Christmas with Mixbook. They almost always have Black Friday deals and I use those deals to get several Christmas gifts purchased before my early December deadline!

I hope all of our readers have a wonderful Holiday Season and a blessed 2019.