Art and Industry as Civic Engagement

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Join us for the 6th Biennial Symposium of the Grant Wood Art Colony on September 29th at the University of Iowa, Art Building West, in Iowa City where Michael LeClere, of MGA, will be presenting and participating in a panel discussion on this subject. This year’s symposium theme is: Art in Public. This post is ...

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Virtual Reality in Architecture

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A picture is worth a thousand words, and people tend to love pretty pictures.  This sentiment certainly applies to today’s architecture, construction, and engineering industries.  There is no single correct method or medium to produce compelling images of all varieties for use in these fields, but the emergence of accessible, user-friendly digital media affords architects ...

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Derek Powers – A True All Star

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Check out this video of MGA’s All Star, Derek Powers. Derek has been instrumental in helping ACE, a local board of volunteers from the construction trades which helps to educate and inform High Schoolers about the importance of the trades. He also lead efforts to launch a new website for ACE which shows how to ...

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Build Your Future With ACE

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Check out this video that features many members of our firm. Derek Powers of MGA has worked diligently with ACE to help develop this website. ACE provides career counseling to High School students around the state of Iowa. Derek is a mentor and very passionate about the program and being involved. We are all so ...

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