The Benefits of Bringing the Outdoors In

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Admiring leafy plants and blooming flowers is a simple pleasure that can be universally enjoyed by everyone. Color, shape, pattern, and texture can all be reflected in the natural state of the foliage around us. Designers have the advantage of utilizing these primitive qualities in their interior spaces to give end users a sense of freshness and simplistic beauty. But what else can plants provide in an interior, besides enhancing the aesthetic of a space? How can bringing the outdoors in affect the health of the people inside? In this post, we will explore the mental and physical health benefits of indoor greenery.

The presence of plants in an interior space not only add beauty, but improve the end users’ mental health. Having evidence of nature in an interior environment can give people a sense of peace and well-being. According to an article from Work Design Magazine titled “The Benefits of Plants in the Workplace”, people in spaces with vegetation are more likely to experience the following outcomes: psychological and physiological stress reduction, more positively toned moods, increased ability to re-focus attention, mental restoration and reduced mental fatigue, improved performance on cognitive tasks, and reduced pain perceptions in health care settings. Indoor greenery has also been proven to reduce background noise in a space. Leaves absorb, diffract, or reflect unwanted sounds creating a more peaceful environment for the occupants.

Plants can also positively enhance the physical health of the end user. The presence of indoor greenery can help improve air quality by reducing carbon dioxide levels, increasing the humidity, reducing levels of certain pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide, reducing airborne dust levels, and keeping air temperature down. According to a study found in an article from the American Psychological Association, hospital patients with views to nature were proven to heal faster. Patients had fewer complications, required less pain medications, and got out of the hospital quicker than those forced to have only views of walls. Foliage gave patients, their families, and even employees relief and a sense of connection to the outside world.

Overall, plants have more to offer than just being a fun and attractive accent to your space. Adding more greenery to your workplace or home can give you endless years of both mental and physical benefits. It is important to create interior environments that are beautiful, welcoming, and functional and indoor greenery should always be used to enhance those essential qualities. With multiple types and varieties available, it is easy and fun to find the right plants for you. See for yourself how great it is to bring the outdoors in!


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